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(East End of St. John's Only)

All prices are subject to HST.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

Priority Contract

As one of our priority contract customers, you will receive our highest quality service, with a fully plowed driveway & shoveled walkway.

This includes a visit early in the morning before work and one visit after the city plow has been, keeping your property clear throughout the day.

Prices range from approx. $375 - $475 per month, depending on the size and shape of your driveway. 

By the Plow Contract


We charge $40 - $80 per visit, for an average-sized lot, depending on the amount of snow.  


We may plow more than once in one 24 hour period to keep you clear.

Each visit is added to your account and will be billed monthly.

Although a guaranteed time cannot be given for this option, this is a great choice for those that aren't committed to leaving the house early in the morning.

Emergency Plows


During a snowstorm, when time and conditions allow, we accept up to 10 additional customers for a one time service.


Emergency plows are charged at $80-$100 per visit, depending on the amount of snow and must be paid in advance via credit card or e-transfer.


If you see a storm coming, we highly recommended booking in advance by emailing


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