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We pride ourselves on our Lawn Care service, which caters to homeowners' needs in St John's and the surrounding area.

We're passionate about delivering the city's best service and exceeding our customer's expectations. Snow & Mow offers everything you need to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful!

We provide complete lawn care treatments using the best available products in the province. We can help you achieve a healthy, lush, green lawn from our weed treatments, aeration, fertilization packages, and turf building!

Lawn care Services:


Core Aeration

Over time, your lawn becomes compacted. It is important to aerate your lawn to allow water intake, nutrient intake, and root growth. 

Treatment Packages:

Platinum Package

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1 x Lime

1 x Fertilizer

1 x Aeration


2 x Fertilier


1 x Lime

1 x Fertilizer

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